Medical Reimbursements of America (MRA) announces the expansion of its specialty reimbursement services to include Medicare and Managed Care underpayments, extending the company’s focus into the back-end of a hospital’s revenue cycle.

For more than 15 years, MRA has been the specialty reimbursement leader focused in the area of accident claims management. In June of 2014, MRA purchased Black Maple Provider Recovery Group, a revenue audit and recovery business based in Ft Lauderdale, Florida, led by Larry Rosenberg. The solution formerly provided by Black Maple has been expanded and is being introduced to the market as MRA Integrity™.

Larry Rosenberg, who was the former COO of HealthDataInsights, the nation’s highest performing RAC organization, continues to lead the development efforts of MRA Integrity. The MRA Integrity team deploys many of the same data-driven thought processes previously used to help payers identify overpayments to now help hospitals identify and recover underpayments from Medicare and Managed Care payers. Unlike anyone else in the business, MRA Integrity analyzes 100% of both inpatient and outpatient claims, achieving focused results from closed claims that are up to 48 months old.

“We’ve learned a tremendous amount from our experience on the payer side,” noted Rosenberg. “Providers simply don’t have the resources and perspective at the most granular level to identify 100% of their underpayments. We know the shortcomings of enterprise-level payer systems and understand both the overpayment and underpayment anomalies inherent in the Medicare and Managed Care systems.”

MRA’s Integrity team reviews readily available claims data , including 837/835 data for claims up to 4 years old. The audit team analyzes every claim, identifies underpayments, and provides clients with an in-depth results file for review. Once accepted, MRA recovers the revenue by working directly with the Fiscal intermediary. Because the service is contingency-based, there is no risk to the hospital.

MRA Integrity is being initially launched with the company’s existing client base during the first and second quarter of this year. The service offering will be made available on a broad basis in June of this year. Rosenberg speaks nationally and provides consultation on the intricacies of the Medicare and Managed Care arenas.



Medical Reimbursements of America (MRA) provides specialty reimbursement solutions that identify and recover additional revenue for hospitals and health systems nationwide. MRA’s AccClaim™ solution, led by the industry’s leading team of specialized attorneys, revenue cycle experts and account resolution specialists, delivers new revenue, improved patient satisfaction, and guaranteed billing compliance to the motor vehicle and work comp recover industry. MRA Integrity™ provides underpayment identification and recovery services from closed Medicare and Managed Care claims.. Founded in 1999 and based in Franklin, Tennessee, MRA continues to serve as the definitive source for specialty reimbursement services for more than 500 hospitals and health systems nationwide.