Medical Reimbursements of America (MRA) has released the first of a series of white papers that highlight the additional reimbursement dollars available from specialty reimbursement revenue cycle niches. MRA’s initial white paper, A More Granular Approach to Revenue Cycle: Digging Deeper into Specialty Reimbursement Niches focuses on specialty reimbursement opportunities with emphasis on TPL claims resulting from auto accidents. It provides historical perspective and current trends regarding these specialty claims and how to most effectively manage them. This paper is based on research compiled over the past 6 months from dozens of industry sources, and is based on the industry leading expertise MRA has developed over the past 17 years.

Tightly managing all aspects of the revenue cycle, including potentially overlooked niches, is now a necessity due to the increasing reimbursement pressure resulting from today’s new payment models. Workers’ compensation, automobile accident, and other specialty claims offer opportunities for higher reimbursement, but they are extremely difficult to process correctly. This white paper outlines the intricacies and procedures necessary to ensure optimal and accurate reimbursement for these specialty claims. Included are important trends, best practices, and Key Performance Indicators that hospitals should consider. With helpful hints for improving patient satisfaction and ensuring compliance risk, this white paper thoroughly covers the topics needed to truly improve financial performance.

“For the past 17 years, MRA has helped hospitals accurately process specialty reimbursement claims,” said MRA Executive Vice President, Michael Ford. “Late last year we decided to fund research to help hospitals better understand the opportunities hidden within these claims. By providing a historical perspective, the most up-to-date industry knowledge, and tried-and-true best practices, we are proud to help revenue cycle executives identify potential new sources of additional reimbursement dollars.”

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