Medical Reimbursements of America (MRA) announces the promotion of industry pioneer Michael Ford, J.D. to the company’s Chief Development Officer. MRA is a long-standing leader in specialty reimbursement services for hospital revenue cycle departments and has shaped the motor vehicle and work comp reimbursement industries, having managed more than 10 million medical claims with the Property and Casualty insurers since the company’s inception in 1999. Ford, who was the company’s 7th employee, was instrumental in helping to craft the organization and the solutions it currently offers. Today he is charged with leading the company’s business development efforts by shepherding the sales organization and forging strategic partnerships.

“Michael Ford has been instrumental in driving MRA to be the company it is today,” noted CEO, Mark Talley. “His institutional knowledge of the industry makes him a go-to expert for healthcare revenue cycle professionals who are looking to ensure their hospital is fairly, and compliantly, reimbursed for the services they provide. He gets the industry because he was strategic in creating it.”

Ford has, at one point, led most aspects of the organization, giving him a perspective like no other. Unlike someone whose career is deep in sales, Ford’s has been comprised primarily in the analytics, and the delivery of the service.  As an attorney, he brings a clear understanding of policy and a keen eye for compliance. As an architect in the work comp and accident medical claim business, he brings a deep understanding of the techniques, practices, and expectations of payers.

“Watching MRA unfold into the company it is today has been extraordinarily rewarding,” said Ford. “But nothing has had a greater impact on me, personally, than the effect we can have on the hospitals and communities they serve. While small, it is a complicated segment of a hospital’s revenue cycle. It is extremely rewarding knowing we are counted upon to help them navigate this complex part of their business.”

MRA’s Peer Reviewed by HFMA® solutions are a result of nearly 19 years of focus on specialty reimbursement niches, particularly in the area of accident-related medical claims. MRA’s proprietary platform, AcciClaim™, enables an expert team of more than 250 specialists to manage the coordination of benefits and related billing processes to deliver improved financial performance, increased patient satisfaction, and enhanced billing compliance to leading health systems nationwide.

Ford leads the MRA sales team and will continue to forge and foster relationships with strategic organizations to extend the impact they can make, and the value they add, to their customers. With Talley, Ford is instrumental in the alignment of MRA with its allied company, Bottom Line Systems (BLS), a Kentucky-based company that leverages the deep and specialized expertise of highly-focused analysts to bring a financial, clinical, and contractual perspective to managing complex underpayments and mitigating denials with commercial and government payers. MRA and BLS are strategic affiliates in the Riverside Partners portfolio.