AcciClaim|AutoTM gets hospitals
paid what you deserve for
Motor Vehicle Accident Claims


Getting paid for claims that result from accidents is hard – really hard. The manual work required to get fully-paid for these claims is chaotic and time consuming. Hospitals seldom have the expertise, resources or bandwidth to correctly bill and manage these claims. MRA does –  and our experience really pays off for our clients.

Motor Vehicle Accidents represent a very small percentage of a typical hospital’s total claims – only about 2%. However, when managed properly, this “2%” produces unusually high reimbursement rates, allowing you to offset reimbursement pressure felt from virtually all other payers. MRA’s AcciClaim simplifies the complex, labor intensive processes necessary to get you paid what you deserve for accident claims.

AcciClaim|Auto provides hospitals with a comprehensive, single-source solution for the management of motor vehicle accident claims. Our process starts with the proper identification of claims related to accidents. In addition to training your hospital registration team to ask the right questions, our comprehensive post-discharge investigation process scans rich data sources to quickly identify accident claims, and then captures the information necessary to submit complete and accurate claims to the appropriate payers.

MRA performs a comprehensive investigation of each accident, helps patient open their No Fault claim, and coordinates and manages all No-Fault insurance activity including billing, follow-up, payment management, and compliance management. As a result of our expertise in this area, we can collect up to 50% more from no-fault insurers and reduce overall cost to collect.

Our specialized legal team combines a national network of adjusters and attorneys with a proprietary knowledge base to manage the entire process of securitization, billing, case management, follow-up, negotiation, settlement and securing final payment. In addition to eliminating the hassles of identification, verification, lien filing and settlement, our success transforms self-pay claims into secured liability claims, resulting in significantly higher reimbursement.


  • Trains Patient Access teams to identify patients injured in motor vehicle accidents and collects the appropriate information to properly manage each claim
  • Provides comprehensive Coordination of Benefit services for every accident claim, including formal investigation and compliant billing of the responsible parties
  • Manages the process of billing and follow-up for both No Fault and Liability carriers, including lien filing and settlement negotiations
  • Avoids MSP Compliance risk by researching every accident and attempting to locate and bill all responsible parties prior to billing Medicare
  • Eliminates time-intensive interactions with personal injury attorneys and Property and Casualty adjusters
  • Provides an outsourced legal department that leverages the experience of MRA’s seasoned attorneys and paralegals
  • Provides patients with an advocate that helps them resolve accident-related medical bills

Benefits of Choosing AcciClaim|Auto for Your Motor Vehicle Accident Claims
MRA provides hospitals with a comprehensive, single-source solution that simplifies management of Motor Vehicle Accident claims. The results of our experience are clear:

  • 100% compliance
  • Higher reimbursement
  • More revenue
  • Fewer denials
  • Improved patient satisfaction