AcciClaim|WorkCompTM relieves the
burden of getting paid for Workers’
Compensation Accident Claims


Workers’ compensation accident claims require extensive resources and expertise to get paid correctly, and typically represent less than 1% of claims. That’s why it’s very important to make sure that you have the right lawyers behind you. You could check out this site here to give you an idea of how a law firm could help you – There are many different law firms though and it all depends on where you live. If you are unsure on which local law firm will give you the best services then you should look on their site and see if they provide the right legal help for you. Hospitals rarely devote the resources necessary to work them properly, resulting in lost revenues and higher AR days. With AcciClaim|WorkComp™, hospitals can rest assured that each workers’ compensation claim is managed correctly, resulting in full and accurate reimbursement with minimal administrative burden.

MRA delivers a complete solution for workers’ compensation accident claims management. Our dedicated team gets the most from each claim, billing correctly up front and aggressively managing all underpayments and appeals. Plus, we simultaneously ensure compliance and timely filing by meeting all state and federal regulations and workers’ compensation carrier and TPA requirements.

AcciClaim|WorkComp gets hospitals paid what they deserve from worker’s compensation claims… with much fewer headaches.

AcciClaim|WorkComp improves reimbursement for claims resulting from workers’ compensation accidents. Our team provides comprehensive accident claims management including patient interviews, workers’ compensation carrier identification and verification, and coordination and management of every claim. We work directly with workers’ compensation carriers, third party administrators, and employers to manage all billing, denials, underpayments, appeals and settlement negotiations in compliance with federal and state laws. With over 150 years of experience on our team, we provide hospitals nationwide with the knowledge and experience to obtain the maximum benefits available.


  • Trains Patient Access teams to identify patients injured on the job and to collect the appropriate information to properly manage the claim
  • Collects more dollars by thorough and accurate initial billing process and effective denial and underpayment management
  • Eliminates time-intensive interactions with personal injury attorneys and Property and Casualty adjusters
  • Reduces AR days by navigating the administrative laws governing worker’s compensation in all states
  • Provides an outsourced legal department using MRA’s seasoned attorneys and paralegals
  • Leverages a proprietary database of employer/carrier/TPA relationships and property and casualty adjusters
  • Leverages proprietary algorithms that identify underpayments, providing maximum payment integrity

Benefits of Choosing AcciClaim|WorkComp for Your Workers’ Compensation Claims

MRA provides hospitals with a single-source solution that simplifies billing for all workers’ compensation accident claims. The results of our experience are clear:

  • More revenue
  • Fewer denials
  • Fewer underpayments
  • Reduced aging
  • Less headaches